A Healthy Culture For a Wealthy Company

When they don't feel the need to contribute more than what's required of them ideas are rehashed and productivity drops. Eventually, business growth slumps.

A Healthy Culture For a Wealthy Company

Don’t you want to fix that now?

Wait a minute.

Research shows that 70% of companies that harnessed existing advantages in their culture achieved sustainable growth in organisational pride and emotional commitment.

But a domineering company culture intimidates employees and ruins their motivation.

Naturally, they tend to seek better work environments that guarantee their wellness.

For instance, a large part of Yahoo's failure has to do with their stagnant, run-of-the-mill company culture.

At the other end of the spectrum, in the 90s, when IBM was a dying organisation, employees were encouraged to engage in discussions about culture called "jams".

The ideas put forth in these sessions were implemented, and soon led to the creation of a new culture that ultimately rescued the company itself.

“Culture is what got IBM into trouble, and turning the culture around is what saved the company” – Lou Gerstner, Former Chairman & CEO, IBM That’s the significance of having a great organisational culture as your company's backbone.

It improves productivity, drives innovation, creates unity among employees and increases accountability.

By ensuring that your company’s culture is in sync with not just strategic goals, but also the lives of your employees, you can create a dynamic, thriving organisation.

What are you waiting for now?

Go ahead! Watch your business grow by leaps and bounds with the help of a well managed, healthy culture.


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